Bad Bones

Bad Bones

(Stripes / Red Eye Kindle edition – ASIN: B00IXA6EW)

This book was mainly written in the Royal Ground CafĂ© on Polk Street, San Francisco, and finished off in East Prawle, Devon. It certainly got around. I’d never written a horror story before, but as I’ve always found the supernatural more terrifying than anything else, that’s where I went, once again setting my tale in Los Angeles.

Some things really are best left buried, a truth Gabe finds out to his cost when he makes a discovery in the LA canyons. He’s under pressure from every angle – home, school, the street – and what he finds looks like a way out from under. His family has money troubles, he’s hardly talking to his dad, plus lowlife Benny is on his case. The last thing Gabe was looking to do was to wake the dead…

Like an Indian Jones quest, Gabe risks his life to be in possession of the treasure, because death follows it like a curse, yet he must appease the dead to stay alive, and keep his friends and family safe. A thrilling and hell-raising ride through the streets of Los Angeles. – Goodreads

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