(Catnip – ISBN: 978 1 84647 023 3)

Everyone knows LA can be a strange place, but when four dinosaurs suddenly erupt in a quiet park causing bloody mayhem – and it’s got nothing to do with making a movie – something’s gone from ‘strange’ to ‘really weird’. Someone, somewhere, has learned to use history as a weapon, and the result is going to be destruction on a massive scale. And Jamie Delgado finds himself right in the middle of the action.

This book was first published in 1996, at a time when I had a thing about time travel; I’ve always had a thing about the USA, and California in particular, as well as Native Americans, so I managed to put it all into one story. The character of Simeon, the Nez Percé medicine man you meet in Chapter 8, is based on a wonderful character I met on a marathon train journey I took a few years ago from New York to LA.

‘One teenage boy stands between civilization and outright chaos. If you enjoy reading Anthony Horowitz or Andy McNab youʼll love the fast-paced, page-turning action of Graham Marksʼ thrillers.’ – Lovereading

‘Lightening fast chapters and easily identifiable characters provide Faultline with a ruthless capability of postponing the tick tock of reality. Immediately grabbing your attention Graham Marks boasts much of Chris Ryan’s boyish flair. Classic one-liners and mounting tension propel a fearless news reporter’s assistant, James Delgado, into a deep conspiracy tangled up in the webs of history. Dinosaurs rampage in the park and cowboys storm the shopping mall leaving James to piece together the debris of this far-out mystery.’ – John Lloyd, Waterstones Bath