(Usborne – ISBN: 978074607888 4)

This is a story which I can best describe as a ‘future-myth’, and it’s set in a world where the gods haven’t died, they are just sleeping. In the city of Dinium, for scavenger Stretch Wilson, life is a hard, hard thing. All he has, since his father was taken as slave labour, is his dog, Bone – until the fateful day when he discovers something extraordinary, something that will change his life for ever. Stretch doesn’t know it, but he is the only person who can stop the evil that lives in across the crocodile-infested Isis river in Kaï-ro from taking control, for eternity.

‘Brilliantly imagined, the future city of Kai-ro forms a vivid backdrop to the thrilling story of one boyʼs fight against the ancient forces of darkness. It is a compelling story by an author at the height of his storytelling powers. Graham Marks says that the book was born out of the lasting presence of the Egyptian Gods and his two trips, one to the Egyptian section in the British Museum and the other to the Great Pyramids in Egypt. His imaginings as a consequence of his ʻmeetingsʼ with a statue of a dog, of the great pharaohs and Cairo itself gave him a mind full of ideas and beliefs that have ended up in this terrific adventure.’ – Lovereading

‘Graham Marks is a master at devising brilliant plotlines. He’s written some superb books for very much older young adults as well as some short thrillers. This fantasy is set in a future year of 2499 but awakens gods and powers from times ancient in our own day. Across from where an ominous new city is being built, the sort of self-glorification that dictatorial regimes impose, lives a rubbish scavenger lad, Stretch Wilson. His only companion is his dog, as his father had been taken into slavery. Deep inside a veritable mountain of waste he finds something extraordinary that leads him into the new city with its half-finished pyramids. The forces his discovery unleashes are astonishing and lead to a complete reversal of the known order of things. This is a tremendous read as we follow the boy on his incredible, hair-raising journey out of the dust and despair of poverty and with the hope of the joy of being reunited with his father energising his efforts.’ – Chris Brown, Boys into Books

‘Stretch Wilson is orphaned after losing his Father to marauding raiders from the city of Kai-ro. Left to scavenge upon a mountain of waste, he makes a discovery which will change his world forever. The author delivers a diverse cast of characters around our hero that you really care about and some wonderful villains including the rather scary Darcus Cleave. Together they represent the interests of Horus and Setekh two diametrically opposed ancient Gods in a brilliantly imagined epic adventure. This is a page-turner which cries out for a sequel.’ – John Newman (Newham Bookshop), Publishing News

‘Kaï-ro has a touch of post-apocalypse adventure, a sprinkling of ancient gods, the addition of a likeable boy and his dog and some storytelling magic. This is a book to devour at one sitting.’ – Garth Nix, author of Sabriel

‘A thrilling fantasy adventure that combines politics, violence and morality.’ – Daily Telegraph/Weekend

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