Mean Streets

Mean Streets

(Usborne – ISBN: 978 1 4095 2252 2)

The story opens about a year after I Spy, in the summer of 1928; Trey – aka T Drummond MacIntyre III – is staying with his Gramps on the Circle M ranch in Topeka, Kansas and while it’s fun it’s also quiet with a capital Q. Until, early one morning, Trey meets some mysterious strangers in a very fancy white Buick Monarch on the back roads…

It isn’t long before Trey finds himself in the middle of a real case, involved in high-speed car chases, shoot-outs with Chicago mobsters and skin-of-the-teeth rescue missions – lucky, then, that he’s read How To Become A Private Eye In 10 Easy Lessons, by Austin J Randall! It’s a roller-coaster ride, during which Trey meets a colourful, and sometimes dangerous cast of characters, including Fred and Velma Pisbo, Shady Jones, Dewey McGuigan, Tony Burrell and Mario Andrusa.

Welcome to 1928, where the west is as wild as ever – only now it’s the guys in sharp suits with Tommy Guns doing the talking.

‘I flew through the story in a single sitting – this is most definitely a book for 9+ boys who enjoy action and adventure stories. It has shoot-outs, kidnappings and gritty detective work, and it’s setting, based on real events that happened in 1920s Chicago, make it even more enjoyable.’ – The Book Zone (for boys) –

‘This is the story of Trey, a boy who is obsessed with detective stories, who encounters some odd behaviour by some shady characters while staying at his grandfather’s ranch in 1920s Kansas. A great read for fans of fast plotting thrillers and adventures, such as Stormbreaker or Dreadnought.’ – Goodreads

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