Omega Place

Omega Place

(Bloomsbury – ISBN: 9780747589631 – YA)

This was the first book for a couple of years that I’d set in England. It begins in Newcastle and swiftly moves south to London. The main character is Paul who, after a massive argument with his stepfather, ups and leaves home; his path crosses that of a radical action, anti-CCTV group, called Omega Place. Their message is political, not environmental, and their methods are ‘whatever it takes’. But who are they, really? And exactly who is behind the seemingly inexorable spread of surveillance cameras?

This is a book about oversight, about a government prepared to spy on anyone and everyone – an electorate who have just sat back and let it happen. But it’s also about point-of-view, as the book is written from both sides of the fence.

Omega Place is full of intrigue and adventure and set against a gritty urban landscape. It’s an action-packed teen drama that’s full of clues right down to the final, gripping denouement. Graham Marks’ novels are a terrific blend of contemporary life and magical realism. Heaven knows where he gets his ideas from, but the important thing is that all his novels are fantastic adventures that hold the reader on the edge of the seat from beginning to end.’ – Lovereading

‘Given the recent stories on government surveillance and the ubiquity of the CCTV camera, this is a prescient and intriguing thriller.’ – The Bookseller

‘The plot is well-developed and intricately constructed – chapters weave between dates, times and locations and the outcome is not revealed until the final page. The characters and relationships are interesting and believable and the novel is written with a gritty realism; the scenes of violence and calculated murder are described with a particularly chilling precision. An excellent read.’ – Sarah Hill, Reads 4 Teens/Carousel

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