Playing with Phyre

Playing with Phyre

Catnip – ISBN: 978 1 84647 111 7

It’s easy to risk everything when there’s nothing left to lose – and when the ruthless Sardar attack his small Outland village, razing it to the ground, they leave Haden Akatine’s home in ashes, his parents and his brother dead. The only other person left alive in the whole place is Decker. Big, stupid Decker.

But as Haden sets out on a quest for vengeance he finds that there is more to the world, and more to Decker, than he could ever have imagined. He finds a conspiracy that stretches across the Territories, he finds evil, danger and mystery along the road to his destination: Ghadra, the Sardar’s mountain stronghold!

Enter a world of adventure where anything can happen…

‘This is not a book to read slowly…like the Western, from which it draws many of its themes, action is everything and there is little room for shades of grey. Contemporary prose, colloquial dialogue and minimal description help move the action along. However, by framing his narrative as a story within a story, Marks adds his own touch to a standard format, allowing him to introduce a neat twist at the end.’ – Books For Keeps

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