Radio Radio

Radio Radio

(Bloomsbury – ISBN: 9780747590873 – YA)
This book’s screenplay format was born out of sheer desperation – I had a mad deadline and this was the only way I knew of that meant I had any chance of meeting it. I knew I could write scripts quickly (because I’d worked for Marvel Comics for a couple of years) and all I had to do was convince my editor that book-as-a-screenplay was a good idea. She did.

I got the idea – to follow a group of friends round ‘with a camera’ as they try to set up their own pirate radio station, and keep it running – because my son was DJing on some local pirate stations and used to tell me tales about some of the things that went on. As I say in the book, he and his friends were a true inspiration.

‘A real shot in the arm for YA literature.’- Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl

‘Written as a screenplay, this is a vivid picture of a group of teenagers who are determined to keep their pirate radio station up and running. It’s all about being heard. But being heard also gets you noticed – in the wrong way. Full of energy, this captures the feel of defiant teenagers determined to do their own thing.’ – Lovereading

‘This brilliant novel, written in the form of a screenplay, is urgent, contemporary and a well created teenage world – but with perhaps a tiny bit more excitement!’ – WHSmith

‘This is cool, contemporary writing.’ Loud magazine

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