(Catnip – ISBN: 978 1 84647 022 6)

Originally titled Skitzo, and published in 1997 by Scholastic, this story of intrigue, time travel and how to cope with having your half your mind hi-jacked by a man from the future, got its new name because, in the intervening decade, the old one was now considered non-PC.

‘…so glad I picked it up. It’s a good fun, time travel, sci fi novel for kids/young people. All action and no romance! Really enjoyed the whole concept of it just being the soul that time travels, not the physical being. Will certainly look out for more by Graham Marks to read!’ – Goodreads

‘On the rollercoaster ride of electrified imagination Graham Marks takes us to the year 2667 to save the plant from universal destruction. Six hundred and sixty years ago Simon Tellkind invented a perfect system to supply the world with power. However as the USS scientists discover a fault in the equations it is simply ripping the universe apart. Selected for his skills in unarmed combat, anti-terrorist tactics, guerrilla warfare and backed by a rumour of being mildly psychopathic, Dachron Amok seems like the perfect candidate to take a journey across time and space to amend Tellkind’s mistake. The vital operation meets a beguiling hitch as Dachron finds himself sharing the body of sixteen year old Steven Anthony. Flying at a tremendous pace Takedown has a relentless thrill-seeking quality able to enrapture even the most reluctant readers. The attention-grabbing suspense is supplied through short chapters, mischievous one-liners and paced action. Sit back and enjoy Graham Mark’s brief twirl through the realms of terrific sc-fi.’ – John Lloyd, Waterstone’s Bath

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