(Bloomsbury – ISBN: 978-0747591276 – YA)

Who are we? Who hasn’t ever wondered about that, about whether we really belong where we find ourselves? Or in Cam Stewart’s case the question is ‘Why have I been kidnapped?’ and the answer turns out to be way more complex than he ever thought it would be. Set on the west coast of the US, this twisty thriller starts in San Diego, flies up to Seattle and makes its way, via Los Angeles, back home again.

‘Reads like an homage to Elmore Leonard with it’s rhythmic repartee, underworld characters and action-packed plot’ – Sunday Times

‘Cameron Stewart, a 17-year-old athlete and all-around good guy, is kidnapped from his San Diego home and winds up in Seattle. He escapes his captors by accidentally killing one of them. Having the feel of a survival story with a touch of mystery, Cam’s week-long adventure takes him through a dire predicament where he manages to elude his kidnappers while simultaneously dodging the police in fear of being accused of murder.’ – School Library Journal

‘After a car crash in which someone hits his Volvo, Cam awakens to find that he has been kidnapped. His family is well-to-do, but it’s hardly “ransom rich”. All Cam knows is that he has to escape his dangerous captors, and he does, although he kills a man in the process. Thus begins a run for his life, and as he gradually realizes that his parents may somehow be involved in his bizarre capture, Cam becomes more confused, more determined to hide in the shadows, and more inclined to depend on the kindness of strangers than his own family. Marks tells a high-adventure story that, although occasionally confusing, is steeped in skillful suspense that will easily carry readers from one bizarre adventure to another. Give this thrilling, multilayered novel, the British author’s first to be published in the US, to male reluctant readers.’ – Frances Bradburn / American Library Association

‘Graham Marksʼ novels are a terrific blend of contemporary life and magical realism [and] Zoo is absolutely no exception. Family secrets, genetic engineering and kidnapping form the bedrock of this high octane thriller for teenagers.’ – Lovereading

‘Marks has hit on an enticing plotline for this fast-paced thriller…[its] contemporary edge provide extra panache.’ Kirkus Review

‘An edgy, dialogue-driven thriller that packs as much pace and tension into its 250 pages as a DVD’s worth of episodes from 24.’ Achuka.co.uk

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